le crafty frogle crafty frog was created when Céline was searching for a venue to accommodate her family’s love of arts and craft.

Realising that Redbourn offered very little by way of inspirational craft, she decided to share the enchanting studio at the end of her garden and set about establishing the foundations for le crafty frog.

Céline is French (hence the crafty name!) and studied French Literature as well as Marketing and Communications, before moving to England in 1999.

She subsequently worked in companies such as Estée Lauder Inc. before becoming a full time mum to Charlotte and Louise.

A dab of creative flair, a genuine love of children and human interaction, as well as a passion for art and crafts meant that setting up le crafty frog was almost inevitable!11807517_10152962752996366_5829325351472520179_o[1] small web

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