balloon bongo

Be ready for a lot of noisy fun!

Here is a balloon bongo, rice shaker & güiro all rolled into one…and really easy to make!

 What you’ll need 

  • Some empty, clean cans
  • Rice
  • Balloons
  • Chopsticks/sticks

How to make it

  1. Make sure the tin has smooth edges. Put a small handful of rice into the empty tin can.
  2. Cut the end off the balloon and simply stretch over the end of the tin.
  3. Sew Secure the balloon with an elastic band…job done!  

Use the chopsticks to play the edge of the tin like a güiro (Latin-American percussion instrument with parallel notches cut in one side. It is played by rubbing a stick or tines along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound).

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