Branch Christmas Tree

Gardens and parks are full of dead branches at the moment…why not collect a few of these and turn them into mini Christmas trees with a twist?

They are fun and inexpensive to make and also work  very well as a mantelpiece décor or Christmas table centrepiece!

What you’ll need

  • Big branch off a tree
  • Pretty container
  • Expanding foam (from any DYI shop) / air drying clay
  • Gesso / White paint / Artificial snow spray

How to make it

  1. Position the branch in the middle of your container.
  2. Spray the foam around the branch but remember to stop filling half way up the container as it will carry on expanding! (If you are using air drying clay, push it at the bottom of the container and stick the branch in the middle).
  3. Wait until everything is set.
  4. Paint the branch.
  5. Job done (it looks pretty bare until you can crack on with the decorating job: pompoms, baubles, fairy lights, pine cones…the Christmas world is your oyster!)

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