Easter Eggs in Napkins

Spring is finally here (please someone tell the weather!) and warm or not, it’s nearly time to lay the table for Easter…

Here is a very simple way to decorate Easter eggs with paper napkins. They only take about five minutes to make and turn out gorgeous every single time!

What you’ll need

  • Hard Boiled eggs
  • Paper napkins
  • Egg whites lightly beaten or glue
  • Paint brush


How to make it

  1. Cut out a section of the napkin that has the design you want to use on it (try to cut pretty close to the design as it is easier to stick on the egg later).
  2. Dip brush into the beaten egg white (or glue) and paint a very thin layer onto the egg.
  3. Lay the section of napkin on top of the area and gently smooth it onto the egg (be careful not to get the napkin too wet or it will tear as you smooth it!)
  4. Leave to dry and start again…

Happy Easter!

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