Any simple phrase looks so much better with a bit of calligraphy…the thick and thin cursive style simply looks awesome on cards, gifts, etc.

So here is a little guide on how to ‘cheat’ calligraphy (though to be fair, it’s not technically ‘cheating’, it’s just doing it without a traditional dip pen!).


What you’ll need

  • A pen (the one on the picture is a Pilot G2 but any pen will do!)

How to make it

  1. Write out your phrase in the best cursive you can…but do not worry if it doesn’t look exactly like that as this technique works with virtually any connected letters.calligraphy1 (2)
  2. Draw lines to accentuate the downstrokes (remember: downstroke occurs when your hand moves downward to create part of a letter). With the “a”, for example, that first curve down on the left is a downstroke, then you swoop up to the right, and down again for the right leg of the “a”.calligraphy1 (3)
  3. Once you’ve done all the downstrokes, fill the lines in, as started here:calligraphy1 (4)
  4. Et voilà!calligraphy1 (1)



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