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It’s almost time to get the fairy lights down from the loft (if they’re not out already?!), so why not create a new tradition for Christmas with the Kindness Angel?

This alternative to the traditional advent calendar will teach children love & kindness and will hopefully make them think and move away from the ‘entitlement’ attitude which pervades our modern generation: Christmas is all about sharing and present giving is because you love someone, not because they deserve it!

 What you’ll need

  • 1 angel (or any stuffed animal or Christmas tree ornament!)
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Imagination…

How to make it 

On 1st December, introduce the Kindness Angel to your children: one lovely creature who will help them to get into the Christmas spirit by being kind to others during the advent period!

This is the general outline of what we will be doing with it:

• It has been sent to share some love at Christmas time.

• There will be no focus on negativity, but lots of fun (and sometimes a bit of mess!)

• It will be moved somewhere different each morning, sometimes in funny situations and positions, often next to an item that you need for that day’s activity i.e. inside a mixing bowl ready to bake a cake as a gift to their best friend!

• It will be holding little suggestions for acts of kindness that can done together that day i.e. “Let’s go and visit grandma and granddad today!”

• When it sees the children doing kind and lovely things, it will leave a little note/treat for them to find in the morning i.e. “Oh I loved it when I saw you sharing your book with your little sister”.

• Some mornings children may wake up to find the angel has created a special breakfast or fixed a broken toy for them etc…modelling direct ways to be kind and helpful as a prompt for the children in the day.

Here are some ideas:

  • “Good morning! Today, why not write down 20 things you LOVE about Daddy and pop them into this jar? You can give it to him as an extra special gift with his Christmas presents!”

  • “Hello! How about we bake a cake today? I love to cook but really need your help reading the recipe and stirring please! Shall we share it with your best friend?”

  • “Good morning! Let’s make a homemade Christmas present for your teacher today! It NEEDS to involve chocolate!”

  • “Hi! Let’s make a thank you card for the postman today! He is very busy this time of the year…”

  • “Good morning! Here is a fantastic new toothbrush and toothpaste for you! brush your teeth until they are shiny and go out and smile at everyone you see today

  • “Did you know that birds get cold and hungry in the winter? Let’s give them some food.”

  • “Hello! Let’s make some wishing wands for writing our New Year’s wishes onto and display them!”

…and some rewards too:

  • “You have been so kind these last few days that I thought I would bring you this little gift today!”


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