recycled tin flower pots6Flowers are all in bloom at this time of the year…so add to the summer celebrations by recycling your old aluminium cans into some fab flowerpots!

These are fun to make and are great to give as a present for a loved one.

 What you’ll need

  • aluminium tin
  • hammer and large nail
  • ruler and pencil
  • scissors
  • spray adhesive / hot glue gun / glue
  • Colourful stiff, decorative paper
  • Soil and flower to plant

 How to make it

  1. Clean and dry your old tin.
  2. Use your hammer and large nail to make 3-4 holes into the bottom of your aluminium tin to give your flowerpot some good drainage.
  3. Measure and cut out a strip your colourful paper to fit around the can. Allow the paper to overlap by 2cm around the tin.recycled tin flower pots5 wrap around
  4. Spray a thin layer of the spray adhesive onto your paper strip on the side you want to stick to your tin.
  5. Wait one minute for the spray adhesive to get really sticky. Then, carefully attach the paper strip to the container.recycled tin flower pots5 - to be decorated
  6. To add more interest to your flowerpot, stick measured pieces of ribbon, raffia strings, buttons…decorate, use your imagination!
  7. Add your soil and flowers.

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