Shoebox Picnic Basket

Holidays are just around the corner…so here are some cute ideas for you and your kids to turn a shoebox into something special!

What you’ll need

  • Shoeboxes (a lot of them!)
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Straws
  • Elastic bands
  • Paper
  • Scraps of fabric

What to make…

 1.             Wall Art

wall art





Gather your different sized shoebox lids and paint to make your own fabulous wall art!

2.            Nature Shadow Boxes

nature shadow box

Go outside and get your children to collect nature items and glue them in the shoebox lid…then decorate!

3.            Picnic Basket

shoebox-picnic-basket-hanging small

Kids always love a picnic but even more so when they have created their own picnic basket! How fun is this one?!  Just cover an old shoebox with fabric, handkerchief and ribbons…

4.            Crayon and Felt Pen Storage

pen caddy

Decorate the box with wallpaper, fabric or even wrapping paper…something pretty! Perfect for kids art supplies!

5.            Shoebox Chic

shoebox chic

Decorate a shoebox with fabric to transform it into a beautiful box where you can hide anything (Moshi Monsters, Panini Trading Cards, Loom Bands, the possibilities go on and on!).

Mummies warning: it’s so pretty you will want to leave it out on display (No one will ever know it’s not an expensive decorative box…shhhh!)

6.            Suitcase

suitcase shoebox

Pretend you’re about to go on an adventure. You could even make a pirate treasure chest to store all the gold…Ahoy!

7.            Dinosaur Feet

dinosaur feet

You have got to love these…every boy need one pair in his life!

8.            Paper ball football

paper ball football

Half a shoe box for each goal, some masking tape for the table and a scrunched up piece of paper as ball: tons of fun!

9.            Marble Maze

marble maze

Turn a shoe box lid and straws into a fun marble maze!

10.        Chinese abacus


Why not mix fun and a bit of maths? Also named a counting frame, the abacus is a calculating tool that was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system.

Simply use a shoebox, string and beads.

11.          Finger Puppet Theatre

finger puppet theatre

If your kids love to put on shows, this will keep them entertained for days!

12.         Car Garage


Transform a shoebox into a car garage, a fire station, a barn, a zoo…the possibilities go on and on!

13.          Houses


Cover with paper and draw in building details. Then stack and arrange them to create a city.

14.         Dollhouse


It’s amazing what can be done with a shoebox, pen, scissors, glue and a bit of imagination!

15.         Stove


A fun activity for kids using a shoebox, colored paper and other supplies around your home!

16. Guitar


Kids will love strumming on the guitar and pretend that they’re in a rock band!

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