summer bucket list

Yeah, it’s finally summer!!

This year, we are determined to make it a summer to remember, filled with fun and adventure: create a summer bucket-list with your children, put the ideas in decorated jars and pull one out when they say “I’m Bored”!

…and if you are not able to do all 100 ideas, just give it your best shot!!


tick box Go to the park

tick boxMake lemonade

tick boxWater balloon fight

tick boxPlay frisbee

tick boxGo to the beach

tick boxBike ride on the Nickey Line

tick boxTie dye shirt

tick box Play in Sprinkler

tick boxMake home made ice cream

tick box Kids cook dinner

tick box Camping in the garden

tick box Make play dough

tick box Three-legged race

tick box Make a movie

tick box Confetti fireworks

tick box Family game night

tick boxWash the car

tick boxFly a kite

tick box Picnic in the park

tick box Homemade slip-n-slide

tick box Build a fort

tick boxRead a good book (or even better: and sign up for the reading program at the local library!)

tick box Visit a pick your own farm

tick box Movie night

tick box Star gazing night (with toasted Marshmallow!)

tick box Make a cake

tick box Visit a museum

tick box Play mini golf

tick box Make a vegetable garden

tick box Bake bread

tick box Finger paint

tick box Make paper plate masks

tick box Trip to the zoo

tick box Build a bird house

tick box Do a treasure hunt

tick box Sleepover with friends

tick box Go somewhere where you have never been!

tick box Go to the lake and try a new water sport

tick box Make granola bars

tick box Try a food that you’ve never tried before (mussels, cheese, sushi…go on!)

tick box Organise your own family photoshoot with fun props

tick box Write a letter to someone you love

tick box Learn a new type of knot

tick box Make sock puppet (and put on a puppet show!)

tick box Make an obstacle course

tick box Build a sandcastle

tick boxMake paper lanterns

tick box Face painting competition

tick boxHave a BBQ

tick box Blow bubbles

tick box Play hopscotch

tick box Learn how to do cartwheels in the grass

tick box Make a new friend

tick box Collect seashells

tick box Look for animal tracks

tick boxMake a nature bracelet

tick box Make pancakes

tick box Play croquet

tick box Scavenger hunt

tick box Make your own piñata

tick box Visit a farm

tick box Make paper aeroplanes

tick box Write a mini novel

tick box Organise a science day

tick box Art project day (learn about a famous artist and recreate their style)

tick box Feed the ducks

tick box Forward planning alert: make Christmas cards!

tick box Make caramel popcorn

tick box Make a robot with recycled junk

tick box Organise a magic show

tick box Visit grandparents

tick box Breakfast for dinner…and vice versa!

tick box Create a cereal necklace

tick box Tour a fire station

tick box Play twister

tick box Make pizzas

tick box Learn how to make balloon animals

tick box Paint some rocks

tick box Do potato prints

tick box Visit an historic landmark

tick box Ride a pony

tick box Make a milkshake

tick box Go bowling

tick box Have a potato sack race

tick box Pillow fight!

tick box Eat breakfast in bed (or make mummy one!)

tick box Organise a mini disco

tick box Go to the pool

tick box Make a pinwheel

tick box Have a PJ’s day

tick box Make jam

tick box Organise a NO electronics day!

tick box Take a train ride to London (and why not go to the giant sandpit in South Bank? (

tick box Go to a farmer’s market

tick box Visit a pet shop

tick box Make a collage using pictures from magazines

tick box Learn about another culture + try to dress up like them

tick box Learn phrases in a new language

tick box Go for a hike

tick box Laugh until you cry!!


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