Sweet Heart Paper Chain

February is here and love is in the air…

Crafts don’t get much easier than this one: ready to get started? Let’s fill the rooms with love!

 What you’ll need

            • A4 cards (colour of your choice)
            • Scissors
            • Stapler

 How to make it

            1. Fold the A4 card in half and use the scissors to cut on the folded line.
            2. Grab each piece of card, cut into 5 long strips and repeat until all card is in strips.
            3. Fold each strip of card in half.
            4. Now that the strips are ready, it’s time to make them into hearts: bend the loose ends in toward the fold to form a heart.
            5. Slip a second strip of paper inside the top of the heart (fold side goes inside the heart), and staple.

Keep doing this until you are happy that your beautiful paper chain is long enough to hang where you like! Remember before stapling your final heart to tie a knot in the end of a piece of string or ribbon and to tuck it inside the top of the heart and staple above the knot.

Please note that as this craft requires a stapler, young children will definitely need help from an adult!


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