Toilet paper roll crowns

…not the most glamorous title, but the results are just fab!

These little crowns are really versatile and amazing for birthday parties, Easter celebrations, dressing up box etc. You can make them in advance or get the children to craft them…either way, they will love them!

What you’ll need

  • Empty toilet rolls
  • Washi tape in few different colours and patterns (or paint if you haven’t got washi tape)
  • Elastic cord or ribbon
  • Scissors

How to make it

  1. Grab a toilet roll and wrap different Washi tape patterns around the perimeter (repeating patterns or random).
  2. Using the scissors, create the top of the crown by cutting little triangles all the way around one of the end.
  3. Create two small holes near the bottom of the crown on opposite sides.
  4. Cut a piece of elastic cord and thread each end through the holes – make sure the cord is big enough to go around a child’s head.

Let’s get the party started!


IMPORTANT! Younger children will need supervision when using scissors.





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