hama beads footballLet’s celebrate the beginning of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil with a Hama Beads extravaganza!

…and for any little ones who do not really appreciate football, this is a great opportunity to sneak in a geography lesson by making flags for all the different countries taking part!


What you’ll need

Hama Beads are small plastic beads which are arranged on a special pegboard to create a shape. They need to be ironed so that the melted beads fuse together.

  • Hama beads in different colours
  • Hama beads square ‘pegboard’

 How to make it

  • Our first World Cup design is the England flag, but you can easily adapt it to represent the colours of your team (…see what I’ve done here!!)

french flag hama beads

We also have:

  • The England shirt.
  • A football pitch.
  • A studded football boot.
  • The World Cup trophy!

 You could turn the finished Hama Bead masterpiece into key rings or fridge magnets…

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