Contact Marketing/ Press Office: 01202 596100Decopatch is an amazing decorative and funky papercraft: a bit of a modern twist on decoupage, a bit like papier-mâché…only much prettier!

Decopatch breathes life into objects, using a special paper and glue-varnish. No scissors are required as the colourful and thin papers can be ripped to size. More than one pattern can be used on the same object creating a really dramatic effect.

This is the perfect craft for children as you can create something beautiful in an hour…or spend days creating your masterpiece!



prices & further informationdecopatch

  • Decopatch parties typically last 2 hours
  •  Prices start at £8.00 per child
    • + £4.50 per child for the small letters (initial or age); or
    • + £5.00 per child for the small animals, boxes and big letters (initial or age); or
    • +£5.50 per child for the bigger animals, shapes or photos frames
  • Maximum of 12 children

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